mass flow

FGP mini
mass flow measurement

according calorimetric measurement
suitable for diameters DN 15 ... DN 50

FGP mini

The inline-mass flow transmitter FGP MINI bases on thermal mass flow measurement and is suitable for pipe diameters DN 15 … DN 50.

The modular device is adaptable to any measuring task. With 6 different gauge mounting blocks and two transmitter units can be installed on all diameters (DN 15 ... DN 50).

The thermal measuring principle and the well proven hot-film sensor element lead to best long-term stability and fast response time.

Once the gauge mounting block is built into the pipeline, the transmitter can be installed and removed without disassembling the pipework!

typical applications
compressed air consumption measurement
compressed air counting
flow measurement of technical gases (O2, N2, Ar, CO2, He)
nitrogen generators
leak detection

Industry 4.0 ready

FGP mini

  • Display (optional)
    shows the current measured values and the overall consumption
    Intuitive configuration at commissioning
    can be rotated in 90° increments
  • Thermal mass flow sensor
    robust design in stainless steel
    shortest response time
  • Transmitter
    can be used for different pipe diameters
    installation and removal disassembling the pipework (faciliates-regular calibration)
    application-specific adjustment under pressure for best accuracy
  • Output
    user configurable (via display)
    analogue 0 ... 20 mA / 4 ... 20 mA
    2 switch outputs
    pulse output
  • Gauge mounting block
    precise and reproducible inline-installation of the transmitter for best accuracy
    can be operated with sealing plug (included) without transmitter